Trash CanEdytuj

Summary: Here it is, a fully functioning way of “dropping” or getting rid of items without having to store them in a crate or cupboard etc. Introducing Trash Can!

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gun variety and weapon sprites modEdytuj

Summary: Dodaje do Project Zomboid nowe przedmioty oraz receptury, takie jak snajperka czy zbita butelka!

Pobierz: … itesv6.rar


Kurn’s Food ModEdytuj

Summary: Ten mod dodaje do gry dużo nowych przedmiotów typu żywność. Zawiera ikony wykonane przez kurn.

Pobierz: Kurnfoodmod-canning upgrade.rar

Very Blank MapEdytuj

Summary: A very blank tmx file ready for you to create your own addition to the PZ world.

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Aftermath Firearms Mod V1.0 by Aftermath_FINEdytuj

Summary: Adds 6 types of pistols and rifles!Pobierz:

Geordie Project ZomboidEdytuj

Summary: Kate and Baldspot story done in a Geordie accent!


Dead Hard – New StoryEdytuj

Summary: A new story created by Ringod123 with new quests, characters and storylines that change depending on your actions!


Play as Kate by KompiEdytuj


Muldraugh General HospitalEdytuj

Summary: Wielki budynek szpitalny / kompleksowy, rozszerzenie oryginalnej mapy (od południa)


Money ModEdytuj

Summary: Mod ten dodaje jeden przedmiot, zwany “Money” (Pieniądze). Pieniądze mogą zostać użyte do zakupu przedmiotów w grze.Edytuj

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Frying Pan WeaponEdytuj

Summary: Adds a frying pan as a weapon.Edytuj


[Story Mod Revenge of Baldspot]Edytuj

Summary: Team up with Baldspot and take revenge against the raiders, while trying to gather survivors and escape Knox County.


Ghostbuster Skin by MajinkhaosEdytuj

Summary: Ghostbuster clothes for your Project Zomboid enjoyment!


Survivalist Weapon Pack by UnodacatEdytuj

Summary: More weapons for you to make in Project Zomboid!


Ringod123′s Banana’s and CupcakesEdytuj

Summary: I was looking through the files included in the game folders and found quite a few references to available icons/sprites that werent being utilised in the game yet, the first 2 being, yes, you guessed it, Bananas & Cupcakes! so, i decided to add as many as possible to the game! i have even added a few new recipes too!


Farming ModEdytuj

Summary: Farming mod : Plow the land, get some seeds and watch your plants grow !


Camping ModEdytuj

Summary: Camping mod : Start a campfire, sleep in your tent, … But be carefull flame attract zombies…


Ringods ModTastic PackEdytuj

Summary: If youve seen my latest Surviving Project Zomboid series (ModTastic) you will know that i play it with no less than 8, yes, thats right, 8 different mods all installed at the same time and all playing nicely with each other. Well, you can now download the ModTastic Pack which includes all of the mods seen in my ModTastic series. Here it is:


Ringod123′s PZ Community mapEdytuj

Summary: Doubled the size of the current demo map and a whole new residential area to explore and survive in.


Realistic WeightsEdytuj

Summary: This mod aims to make the in game weights closer to their real counterparts. On the plus side, this means you can carry more than you used to!